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Amorosa marks the first chapter of the “LES PETITS POÈMES D'AMOUR “ Collection which would highlight different and complex facets of love. From pure, unfulfilled one to the most toxic, egoistic feelings and emotions… Amorosa is a scented homage to the fascinating Adenium Obesum – poisonous and addictive plant also known as desert rose. It is believed that its flowers brought terrible fate to the 16th century’s Polish nobleman and traveler M.K. Radziwiłł who brought it home from one of his far journeys to Egypt. This gifted flower supposed to act as cure, but instead it turned out to be deadly brining him just madness, illness and otherworldly visions…. Legend, or not, Amorosa is vibrant fragrance, so green from plant juices that you could almost feel chlorophyll going through your veins! Fruity, invigorating accents of orange, bergamot and peach are in perfect balance with floral, sensual accords of rose and jasmine while patchouli, moss, amber and musk give Amorosa extra touch of mystery. Feel warned: use it with caution, side effects such as pure addiction may occur!



Head – orange, bergamot

Heart - peach, rose, jasmine

Base: - patchouli, moss, amber, musk


Perfumer: Hüseyin Erdoğmuş

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